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Dealer offers BandTool to the entire School District

Stephen Allen

One of our Dealers has a fantastic idea...especially since band camps will be starting up for many High School Marching Bands very soon!  This Dealer decided to approach the School District about purchasing BandTools for each Band Director who teaches in their district.  What a novel idea!  A tool designed and made for Band Directors, so they can make emergency band instrument repairs where ever they go!  

So that should be a goal of all of our Dealers!  Approach your school district Music Supervisors/Superintendents and sell them on the value of each of their Directors having a product like BandTool!  

And when you do that...have every one of the Band Directors take a selfie with their BandTool, send it to our Band Director Tool Facebook page...and then we will send them a FREE BandTool hat!  Sounds like a Win-Win Deal!


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