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BandTools are Ready to Order

Stephen Allen

Finally...the production has begun and our first shipment is here!  We are so excited to be at this stage of the game and very excited for our customers who have been so incredibly patient with this process!

We have set-up the website with a Warranty Registration on our Contact us page.  When you get your BandTool, feel free to complete your membership into the BandTool family by registering your product.  It has no serial number but it will help us to know that you received the product and it arrived safely and in brand new condition!

Please tell your friends and colleagues about this product.  We will have another shipment coming soon and should be receiving product each let's get these out there to all Band Directors, Road Reps, College Music Educators,, Military Bands, Municipal Bands, Brass Bands, Symphonies, Drum Corps, and musicians!

Dealers who have placed orders so far are, Quinlan & Fabish, St. Johns Music and Paiges Music.  Others have ordered samples and will place orders.  If your Local School Music Dealer hasn't ordered any BandTools yet...send them to us!  We will be happy to help!

Thanks so much!

Steve Allen, CEO,Legend Musical Instruments 

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